Saturday, November 14, 2009

Professional Maternity Pictures


Dez-you leave me speechless once again!! by your amazing talent

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well-due to the nasty weather-our Halloween consisted of putting on their costumes to take a couple of pics and then taking them off. Addison "helped" me hand out candy and loved the constant ringing of the door bell. She LOVES answering the door. Hopefully next year we will have nicer weather-but considering the fact that she won't remember it and she can't even say trick or treat-what's the point? So fun night indoors!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our little WILL man

Sorry it has taken so long to get this post up!!! I thought I would have all of this "free time" to blog and such-but sheesh-not so much. I think it's that "having 2 small children" syndrome that has kept me from it.

William is my buddy. I have come to call him that as I spend time with him and get more and more excited each day that God has blessed us with a son. He is very passionate about his daily rituals-especially eating and crying-MY GOODNESS. Addison wasn't much of a crier-what can we say-we were definitely spoiled rotten with her. I'm loving every minute!

Not to bore you with all of the petty details of our never ending hospital stay-I did want to mention the highlights....

The morning of I convinced Mark to go eat a HUGE breakfast at Cracker Barrel-and I'm not a big breakfast eater-but I knew that I would have to go quite some time without eating or drinking-so chow down baby! I had biscuits, grits, eggs, bacon, a bite of a pancake, and made myself eat this suprisingly good steak. I have never eaten steak for breakfast. But I'm convinced it what got me through-I never got nauseous throughout the day. We left Cracker Barrel and I actually went home and was able to sleep for a couple of hours before showering and leaving the house.

Suprisingly enough he was born at 5:38 P.M.-The O.R. was running on time-praise the LORD- The first time I saw him I couldn't believe how tiny he was! 7lbs. 6 oz. 18 1/2 inches long!

We were expecting a much bigger boy!! But I'm thankful he was teeny tiny. I love holding a itty bitty baby. Once they had cleaned him up- Mark was holding him by my face and he started blowing bubbles. After that-I didn't see him until Saturday morning around 10-in the NICU. He apparently had some fluid on one of his lungs and once everything was all said and done before we went home-he also was diagnosed with a none worrisome heart murmur.

Our first doctor's visit to the Pediatrician went wonderfully and we love our new Pediatrician-Dr. Dixon with Kenmar Peds. We were asked to bring him back for a 2 week check up for a weight check and I can proudly say that as of friday this past week he is up to 8 lbs. and 2 oz.!!

We think this picture looks like my father in law-Larry

My AMAZING OB-Dr. Elizabeth Street

Addison was VERY excited to meet her new baby-and I think she realizes at this point that he will be here every morning when she wakes up-but not so much that its her brother yet.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

4D Ultrasounds!!!!

Addison at 36 weeks

William at 36 weeks

I love his little nose. According to the sonographer, he weighs 6 lbs. 13 oz. ALREADY!!!! He should be around 7 lbs. 13 oz. at birth-which was Addison's birth weight. How crazy is that?!!
Mark already thinks-from a 4D ultrasound picture-that he sadly looks like him. I beg to differ-You can't even tell yet!!!!!This is my last "full" week to finish up whatever it is I feel necessary to get done before my c-section. In some ways it feels like its coming too quickly and in other ways I feel like it can't come fast enough.... I think when I'm feeling the uncomfortable parts of the pregnancy that's when I wish today was THE DAY!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

9 months! W-O-W

Tommorow begins the 14 day countdown-as we will have our precious William Andrew on Friday the 23rd. It's so hard to believe that we are THIS far along in this journey that seems-in some ways-like we were just on. I'm getting into boy mode that's for sure-I've been "interviewing" a lot of my friends who have little men in their lives getting tips and such.
My AMAZING friends and I got together tonight and had a mini-shower if you will at La Parilla. What a treat! to say the least. They are all amazing and have been more than supportive during this pregnancy. It's neat to think of all the different ways they have each been brought into my life-whether it be a 18 year friendship or a year long one. They each are just the world to me. I treasure my friendships. I am a relationship person to say the least. I remember my mom telling me as I would sulk around towards the beginning of the school year-"Mom, I'm not going to know anyone or make any friends!"- she then would reply, "Cindy-if you wanted to go out back and talk to that tree I do believe you could make it talk back and be it's friend". Point taken.

I'm still praying that William does not come on his own. I realize to some-that I might sound a tad bit controlling in this statement-but if I'm already scheduled for a c-section and we know-Dr. included that I must have a c-section for him to enter this world-then why change that plan? :)
I want him-suprisingly- to stay in until my c-section. I'm still collaborating my list of what I have left to do-I feel like it is growing instead of becoming smaller and having a toddler to throw into the mix makes it more complex.

Here are some of my latest projects that I've been a busy bee on. Most of which my mom has either helped or answered questions about: what would I do without her?

I made this lovie/tag blankie for my friend Shannon who is having

her little man the day before me!

Not a great picture- but a Tennessee Volunteers Pillowcase dress

my friend from highschool ordered from me- SO ADORABLE!!

An adorable peasant top for Miss Addy girl

I have made another dress for Addison that is amazing-mainly due to the fact that my mom helped/made it for the most part :) I will post pics up later to this post of it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

8 months and this week at a glance

It seems like I just posted 7 months pics yesterday!!! I'm so ready-how could I not be at this point? I've been really really busy the past few weeks which I of course attribute the time flying by. I still get a "kick" out of people's comments lately. Most of the time it has been-"wow you are already 8 months? It seems like it has flown by!"-But one lately-was not so much like that...

"Are you sure you're not having twins?"- nice...SHEESH-as my good friend Dez would say.

Addison's newest "interest" is ripping a napkin multiple pieces in all various sizes and putting them in her stroller and pushing them around, sitting on the fire place and putting them in her lap, or like this pic-just putting it on her head.

Worn out after sunday lunch

The Dorseys got to come over for dinner Monday night. Luke is a hoot to say the least!
So much fun!!

Guess which shadow is Mark's.

Wednesday night the Thaxton's came over-as we try to have dinner once a week alternating house. Such a blessing. The guys got to decorate cupcakes as their team building activity of the week... This is Mark's...

We found Avery in her new "chair". How CUTE is she!!!!

I did maternity pictures last week and can NOT wait to get them back!! That post will be soon!! Tommorow we hit up the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park! Can't wait to see what we find (Mom, me and Addy) Making 2 kids birthday cakes saturday- Will post pics sat night!!